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Hail Damage Repair Canberra

Hail damage can ruin a car’s appearance and value. The Dent Brothers hail damage repair service is the best way to restore your vehicle’s beauty if it has been damaged by hail. We have years of experience in auto body repair, so you know we will do a great job for you! Our goal is ensure your vehicle looks better than it did before there was any damage at all.  When you choose our company for hail damage repair, you are receiving peace of mind and an expert level of quality workmanship at an affordable price. We provide free estimates, which means there is no risk involved when choosing us to fix your car or truck.

How Do I know I have hail damage?

How do you know it’s hail damage? There are many different types of hail and each one has its unique qualities. For instance, the larger the size of a hailstone is; for example golf ball sized or softball-sized, then there will be fewer of them in that particular storm cloud and they will fall farther from one another than if it was pea-sized or even smaller. The shape can also vary greatly as some have been known to look like boulders while others may almost resemble an egg with jagged edges on their surface. Hardness plays a big role too! If you’ve ever seen hail, then chances are that it was either large and curvy or small but plentiful.

The size of the hailstones is influenced by how far apart they fall from each other; smaller ones tend to be closer together while larger ones usually have more space between them. No matter what shape a stone may take on, in general, most hailstones are smooth with little bumps here and there though some might be jagged around the edges or even circular like an ice cube. 

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Types of Hail Stones

It’s important not only to know about which shapes can cause damage (that being said, all stones do impact vehicles) but also their hardness level as well. Hailstorms are a common occurrence, but they can be dangerous. Hailstones vary in size and shape from small pebbles to baseballs or grapefruits-sized chunks of ice. The larger the hailstone is, they’re less likely it will fall on your head! While not all hailstones are sharp (due to their weight), those that do have an earthly touch become jagged as they travel through the air at high speeds – perfect for damaging car panels. Beware when walking under trees during storms because even softer balls of ice plummeting down towards you could cause injury if you’re unlucky enough to get hit by one.

Hail storms can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. The average hail storm will leave hundreds of dents and dings that need repair. These repairs are expensive, time-consuming, and require special equipment.

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